Dear party people,

Thank you for stopping in for a quick note. For the past six years I have been a kindergarten teacher along side of being a photographer. Finally,I repeat finally this year I am doing photography only. I’m so excited!!! At first I was a little nervous that I was really going to miss teaching. But for the past, let’s see…three months I have been sleeping in every day, that is insane. I get to actually have a life. I get to have coffee every morning, do small chores around the house, talk on the phone to my best friends, catch up on my shows, walk my dogs, shop during the day,  spend time with my husband, and have a friggin social life. ON MY TERMS😜

Now don’t get me wrong- I bust my butt every day shooting, editing, continuing my education, blogging he hee hee, organizing my studio, printing, creating sets, and all the other joys of  photography. But I feel like I am on cloud 9/walking on  sunshine. This is possibly one of the biggest blessings of my life that I am financially able to do this. I am so grateful for every single inspiration,  client, and friend I have met along the way. This is my truth and I know it’s just going to get better.



Love TH

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  1. This is awesome!! So happy for you. I hope to do the same one day with my travel blogging and writing. 🙂 I worried the same , that I would get sick of being home, but you never know till you try it!

    1. Thank you Caitlyn! I am sure you will. You are so smart and ambitious. I am so glad I have a new travel agent now the next time we need one 🙂 p.s. I LOVE your blog

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